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Spray On Condom

Now is it just me or it this a little weird? Someone actually came up with a spray on condom. To make it easy for eveyone I copied and pasted the article below:

"The renowned German engineering that brought the world the BMW, the Audi and the Porsche is proud to present the first ever spray on condom. The only thing funnier than the idea of a spray on condom is the Google translation of the product page:Soon there is no more reason to rather make it without. The new condom comes from the spray can and adapts to each member optimally. Cap off and condom over the Penis spray: The Latexhaut sits perfectly and is operational in few seconds.The advantages of the spray condom are obvious: it is easily and fast applicable, adapts to each PenisgrĂ¼sse and form individually and offers apart from stretcher comfort, optimal protection with the sexual intercourse. Damage by transport or sun exposure belongs then exactly the same to the past like the question of the disposal: The natural rubber product decomposes and becomes humus.Still condom testers are looked for, which already gained experience in handling condoms. Prospective customers can announce themselves on this web page anonymous.So is this the next step in the world's struggle against HIV or the newest arsenal in frat houses across the country? Please be sure to let us know if you decide to sign up as a beta tester for this product, but until then, feel free to check out the company's um . . .
virtual condom advisor."
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Cherise said...

That's actually a good idea...since it forms to each specific penis won't be any sizing issues haha.

Mista Jaycee said...

I wouldn't use it. No man wants to use a condom of any type but STD's and HIV/AIDS are not to be taken lightly and the idea of someone not spraying enough on just adds too many varibles.
No Thanks!

Eddie said...

I think they're trying to make it waaay too easy for ppl...O_o