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Throw Back

WOW. I did this interview two years ago for Eighty81. It's so amazing to see my transformations over the years. I actually loved my short hair. I kinda wanna go back. The answers to the questions are all still the same except now my profession is Healthcare/Model/ Enjoy! OF ATTRACTiON: IYUANA
Name: Iyuana
Age: 22
Profession: Fashion Designer

What are the first three things that you notice in a guy/girl?I
love an arrogant, cocky, confident man. He has to be smart to stimulate my mind and have nice shoes, clothes, pretty teeth/smile with a nice chocolate complexion.

What are some turnoffs?A man who is very loud, rude, bad breath. I don't want to look at his smile and say I know where Fourth of July was….short, and someone who has no long term goals. Oh and bad pick up lines!

Do you pay attention to a guy/girl's personal style? How important is it to you?Yes I do pay attention to personal style. Having your own personal style is important to me because that means you are a leader and not a follower, meaning you are a trendsetter.

Whats been the worst experience you have had with the opposite sex?This guy couldn't buy a clue if he was a millionaire. We weren't together but he tried to buy my love I would dawg him and he told people we were together. He sent roses to my job. He was being nice the wrong way. He just made me so mad but the whole thing was he was trying to act like he had all this money and he was trying to be something he wasn't. My whole thing is– just be real.

What's your idea of a perfect first date?I love when a man surprises me, not easily impressed but not hard to please. A nice dinner at a place I've never been, then get some ice cream and have some alone time to get to know one another.


Anonymous said...

Damn in or out of costume you still a sexy beast,2 year ago!!! I need to find something like your two years ago like now I mean right now lol.

TROPHYWiFE said...

Thank you.