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The Tramp Stamp

I am addicted to tattoos. My friend told me that once I get one I won't stop getting them. He jinxed me. I actually want the top of my arm like sleeved up, like a dude, I know but I think it will be cute. I understand that we aren't supposed to be marking up our bodies at all, but I want it. I want one going down my side as well. Now what I will not get is a tramp stamp. Most chicks have them, most of them are cute but they are way too common. Its almost like guys expect for you to bend over while your shirt is riding up and see a tattoo. I always get the "damn I'm surprised you don't have a tattoo right there" nah brotha, im good on that. Not saying its a bad thing but its just not for me. Tell me, why the hell do we as people call it a tramp stamp anyways?


Anonymous said...

tramp stamp = u usually a tramp if u have a lower back tatt cause you put a permanent bullseye on your back for backshots.. get it tramp stamp? lol not my personal opinion but i dont have one either but i do have arm tatts


i have a tat on my lower right side i don't think of it as a tramp stamp though... who ever came up with the name is sexiest i'm sure

Mista Jaycee said...

Yeah, I dig you on the tramp stamp. Now be careful with the tats you may want a career where your tatz may be an issue one day plus age and gravity will have thier way with all of us. Dig?