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Yes Gent's and maybe Ladies, this is Joanna Shari. I'm no homo but her pictures are hot!! I give her madd props for 2008. Go cop her 2008 Swimsuit Calendar at . She even makes webpages so hit her up if you need your shit fixed(for a small fee of course)


The B.L.A.C.K. said...

She is definitely gorgeous! But don't leave yourself out of that mix as well. :) Keep doin', beautiful!!!

DJ JTK said...

I Agree with you and black, she gorgeous, i seen her on myspace a couple of times, but definitely dont leave your self out the picture!!

Myke Murda said...

GOOD GOOGILY MOOGILY!! lol...yea she definitely is beautiful

Tray-D said...

I am glad everybody had great things to say about "Joanna Shari" cuz thats one of my best friends and alot of websites talk shit about her for no reason so thanks. And Yes she is very beautiful and sweet always and dont forget smart. She did her website herself. Thank you. Be Good Everybody.