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Modeling Pt.2

Isn't this crazy..Feature myself on my own site. (lol) Anyways, in an older post I said that I gave up modeling. The reasons were very legit and true. I was talking to a fellow model who is VERY well known. We both have the same views on the "video vixens", but then she told me not to give up my dream just because someone else is putting out a bad rep. Which is true I really didn't need her to tell me that. I just needed her to co-sign on that. I have to continue doing what I love in order to keep myself happy. The Trophywife name is staying as an alter ego. Which is fine just as long as my alter ego doesn't take over my whole life and real personality. That's where everyone gets mixed up. You can't let your alter ego conflict with your life outside of work. Honestly,deep down inside I'm not really a Trophywife..I'm more like a housewife/soccer mom..(lol) At the sametime whatever comes up comes out and that Trophywife ego is strictly for the cameras and when I'm out. So please everybody don't get it twisted because Trophywife is for the niggas who really ain't ready to settle down, they just want a beautiful woman on their arms to fake the funk. Which is fine but now I'm gonna start charging niggas left and right. IM OUT


DJ JTK said...

Aww, Im glad you decided to pursue you career :) thats model friend is right, never give up your dream! If or whenever you have doubts, just pray about it and let go and let GOD. He will make it happen! / on a softer note.. LMAO at "Im more like a soccer mom"... "TrophyWife is for the ones who dont like to settle down... ima start charging :)" LMAO Thats is hilarious :)

O. R. ur friend said...

The TrophyWife is an
I'm glad you have made up your mind but still don't forget to pursue all of your goals that you have your mind set on, You will overachieve them if you have faith.