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Modeling is a very difficult industry. It has taken a whole different turn since I was younger. When I think about models; Tyra Banks, Naomi Campbell, Iman and Kimora Lee are embeded in my mind. Those are REAL models.They have worked extremely hard to be accepted in the industry.They are highly respected and very intelligent. Now the new aged models such as your "video vixens" are not models. The reason they have the name "vidoe vixen" or "eyecandy model" or something of that nature is all because they didn't want to be called groupies/gold diggers/stalkers... To me they are just inching their way closer to cash in. Which is a shame, sleeping their way to the top and doing rediculous activities just to get a few seconds of fame. Like Super Head. Im not saying that its right or wrong to be that way, BUT majority of them have put this image out for rappers,ball players and any man to believe they will do something strange for a piece of change. THUS the reason why I gave it up. I am better than that. I actually want to be known for something positive I did-- NOT for shaking my behind in a video or taking my clothes off for the digital camera. Most of those women depend on modeling to pay the rent. When they don't get a gig they most of the time depend on a man. Not saying that its a bad thing to depend on a man. If thats YOUR man then fine he can help you out. If he's everyones man please expect him to be tight pockets. Either because he's being careful with his money or he just dishin it out to too many people, or he just don't wanna help. To be truthful, no man wants a woman who can't stand on her own two feet. Im off subject.. ANYWAYS, back to modeling. To me a real model will stand her grounds and DO HER JOB AND ONLY HER JOB... All business. Someone who is professional and a woman who acts like a lady in public. Models are hired to represent a company with high expectations. It takes a lot of hard work to get noticed by companies that are legit and well established. For all of you aspiring models out there keep your heads up and stand for what YOU believe, and watch TOP MODEL..

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tzuzga said...

I will be the first to leave a comment and tell you that I could not have said this any better. Women have come to the point where they dont care about disgracing themselves as well as other women, and we lose the level of respect that for years and years we so longed for. Being an aspiring model myself, I plan to do the opposite and work hard for what I want and not what my body can offer but more of what personality, ambition and high standards can offer. That's my piece, im out...