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Life: Sean Taylor/ 'Baby Grace'

I honestly don't know much about football. I'm learning thought. What is upsetting is that more than one NFL players are either in trouble or getting killed. Understand that I know that these are normal people also. Tell me this, if the spotlight was not on them and they just worked regular 9-5 jobs would the world still care? Well let me rephrase this--Would they drag the incidents out as long on the news, newspapers, radio stations, magazines etc? Take for instance O.J Simpson or Mike Vick. You rarely hear about an ordinary black man doing things like this. The media always tries to find a way to bring down a successful black man. What those men do in the privacy of their own homes is their business not the worlds. Not saying that O.J was innocent of the first crime, but there are a million black men out there doing the samething Mike Vick did as well as O.J. To be honest if he did kill that woman and that man, we dont know what provoked him to do it. Lets just all mind our own business.I know its hard to do. Anyways, two tragedies that are in bold have happend. Sean Taylor being killed and Baby Grace being found.
I understand first hand how each of these families and close friends feel. I'm shocked of both deaths myself. Losing someone you love and admire is an awful feeling to know that you can't talk to them, touch them, or even see them again hurts.
  • For more information on the two stories if you dont already know please visit the links below.



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