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"Glamorous—and not easy to find—PATRICK COX shoes (shown, $1,095), bags and clutches are now flying off the shelves at Zola Shoes (45 Avenue Rd., 416-922-8688)."

I have a huge shoe fetish! And I'm not going to lie most of my shoes cost more than my clothes. Truthfully, I don't care if the shoes are 1dollar or 1thousand dollars I will find a way to get that pair of shoes and if I can't then I will get the replica! I mean its just a part of fashion,if I like it I'll buy it. One thing my aunt always told me well two "If you like it you better buy it right now or it won't be there" and "Spend your money wisely quality vs. quantity". Which is true! Ever since then, I've listend. I guess thats why my closet is over stuffed and most of my clothes and shoes are all over the place. Anyways,if you are a huge shoe fanatic like I am then you know where to get all the hot shoes. Other than that I suggest you hit up Saks, Nordstoms, Aldo, Steve Madden etc.

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