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Beauty IS Pain

No one in this world is perfect. I'm so far from it, it doesn't make sense. I have THE thickest hair that GOD could of ever put on somebody. & it's ALL over my body. My granny said it's because I have rich blood (??? whatever that means)My legs are the worst and might I add I have hair that grows on my big toes. gross huh? As much as I hate shaving and waxing I wouldn't trade it for anything because thats what makes me, ME! So yesterday after a quick pedicure-- I discovered that the hair grew back in on my big So I politely got my razor and shaved it off... but I accidentally cut myself :(

So shortly after, since I have no chemicals in my hair what so ever- I have to flat press and use a hot comb on my head. While getting my kinks and knots all untangled with the "nigga comb", I burned my damn arm...

**if i offended anyone using the word "nigga", im not sorry.... :)


Anti- Barbie said...

ha ha ha ha ha nigga combb??? i have your samee dillemmaaa thiack hair every where thats growss wayyy to fastt..smhhh i have burns for dayss due ot the nigga combb.. lmaaooo

FreeSpirit said...

i know how you FEEL. i too have 2 use both the MADAM CJ WALKER pressin' comb & flat irons cuz i have NO PERM/RELAXER. no one's perfect & thats ok but i too have hair in weird places but i REFUSE to not shave.