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Brook and I had a breif convo about our silent partners. We didn't say any names or anything we both just know we have silent partners. It's better that way, to keep down all of the drama and all of that extra shit when you dont want people all up in. So, basiclly-- I'm done.. Yup, so Brook if you reading this (which I know you will eventually) I'm done. I've totally given up. I think I'm a lot happier by myself.. Well for right now. I guess we as women have a lot of patientce for the guys we have so much love for and then we make mistakes and all of that. But yes, I'm done and I feel so much better getting that off my chest. :)

Anyhow, I've had these little sayings on my mind for a little while now and I've really been thinking about them. The first one is "Birds of a feather flock together". I dont think that is true by far. For real though, everyone is their own person. I get it, people that share the same interest usually click faster but truthfully in the end everyone is still going to part their seperate ways--am I correct? The second saying is "Can't turn no hoe into a housewife"--Haha yea you can. Only if that person is willing to change for the better. Just like alcoholics and crack heads change.. If that person wants to change then they will.. Those are just my thoughts. I was thinking about it because I used to have this friend who was just all out there and I could do was be a friend to her. No matter what I said to her she still did what she wanted to. So that just proves my point...


Princess Katrina said...

I'm sorry babe! Hope things work out.

brook lynne carter. said...

omg girl, im so glad you could release that out your system. it probably feels good to say outloud. check, move on right to the next. maybe not immediatley, but you by far are quality and quanity, so i dont even worry about your love life. you will be straightened.

"you cant turn a hoe into a housewife" lmao. kardashian? paris hilton? jenna jameson? tameka (T.I.'s fiance), girl i could go on for days, all women who have got around and are now 'wifed' up, -no judgement- and i like all those women, i think they are fly and sassy or whatever but unfortunately their rep proceeds them, lucky for them they found real men who are not insecure themselves and could see past someones past and make a future with them.

great "venting" post, doll.

brook lynne carter. said...

omg girl i just realized you arent on real bitch island..(my blog roll) woops. i got you, your one of my favs.

TROPHYWiFE said...

brook those chicks dont they can hide shit at any given talking about us REAL folks who dont get gifts when our men do wrong... and katrina my silent partner was soooo over done to get the who wants to keep going back and forth all of the time? it hasnt been working for so long now, i havent even touched him since like 88' hate