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You know, I wasn't going to post anything about the topic, because I have respect for the "expired". I have had my own personal views on the death of Michael Jackson. For those of you who didn't keep up with my tweets, here goes- and this is by far the truth weather you like it or not. I lost a few followers because they couldn't handle the truth or felt guilty because they fit the description of being a douche bag.

Michael Jackson was a great performer and obviously the "King of Pop". He had a great impact on the whole world and a very big influence to many of the artists our children look up to today. BUT it's such a sickening sorry shame that people start back recognising him AFTER he passed away. Let's face it, many of you have dragged this man through mud FACE DOWN, dawging the shit out of him, if you will. None of you even understood that this mans life. The biggest challenge for him was just to be accepted as he was and NOT for what lies people made up of him. Yes I was a bit sad because he passed away, and even cried at one point through the memorial service. He had no influence on me personally because I am not a performer. I loved his music and the way he performed and every single one of his music videos, but all of a sudden when it was announced that he passed away, everyone ran to the stores to buy his music, posters etc. Why didn't you purchase that stuff when he was alive? And that goes for anyone who passed away. You all only realise how wonderful a person WAS when they EXPIRE!!! Then all of a sudden you love him. Someone responded to me on twitter and asked how could I be so cold hearted and that they were only remembering him and don't I laugh and talk about good times when a family member passes away. Well Duh that's someone that shared the same blood as me HELLO I actually knew that person and spent QUALITY time with them. You don't actually know Michael Jackson.Yea you spent Quality time trying to do the moon walk and singing his songs and tearing him down. You just know that he was an all around great performer who influenced music stars today. Everyone is all of a sudden exploiting him and trying to tell what THEY think what happened. The proof is in the pudding, he had an addiction to something that made him feel better. Its sad to say but that's the conclusion. Now people want to keep his music alive. His music was alive when he was alive you just didn't acknowledge it. He was a great man and probably sweet as pie. Then to top it all off, his own father falls in the same category as most of you who contributed to the rumors. He can't even get a break six feet under.

I'm Out.

R.I.P Michael Jackson


SydneyRenee' said...

damn i agree with you on this. no one was really thinking about Michael Jackson when he was alive but now they all wanna go crazy over him and they are the same ones talking about how he looked and what people thought he did. Nice post

Mista Jaycee said...

I agree with you! But let's be fair! How many folks in the Black Community got to see Michael even in Vibe? Not many! I loved Mike! Stil love his music but he got to be the Biggest and he clearly left Us! He left us! Even when he was involved in scandals that we would have killed other people over! We loved Mike!

Katrina is a Princess said...

I agree with you and I will be honest, I have said some cruel things about this man, and it's true, we all loved him, but I think a lot of people are feeling guilty about the horrible things that were said about him and the jokes that were made. He just wanted to be like us, and we didn't let him. I hope now he is finally at peace! He was a great man, and its such a shame that it took his death for a lot of us to finally realize this.

Chi-Chi Larrieux said...

sad yet true. this happens with everyday average people so you know that it was going to spin out of control with an uber celeb like mj. it's shit like that that made me stop going to funerals altogether. a friend of mine died at a very young in a tragic car accident. every n*gga in the world was his best friend and every bitch that smelled his dick was his main girl. it was one girlfriend sitting with the momma, and one sitting with the auntie (the woman that really raised him). by the end of the ceremony (which dragged on and on cuz all of these ignant and yes i mean ignant not igorant hoes that was hoopin and hollerin so loud trying to outcry each other that the damn pastor couldn't speak!) they were fighting over the boy's casket!!! it's sad that people are such attention whores and just want to have something to say so badly that they are willing to exploit the deceased in an attempt to do. trying to gain attention from the deceased and play on people's sympathy is pathetic and a desperate cry for help in my opinion. he may have had 3 people that truly cared but by the time it was said and done he was the most beloved man in the city. gimme a damn break, along with the decease. maybe this is where the term "may he rest in peace" gets its meaning! i agree with u totally, it ain't cold it's the truth!

Angel said...

I TOTALLY agree hun! thats all I can say, your post was spot on!

Incognegro said...

This is some real shit. I think i like you now. lol! :-)

Jazz said...

You took the words right out of my mouth.Soo many people(especially those not from his generation) are crying and trying figure the situation out as if they were that close to him. It's sad because of all the bad things that happened to him but than again I believe that Michael Jackson lived a FULL life..he did everything he wanted to do even though drugs was the cause of his death but hey it's nothing out of the ordinary