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Like Every Color Giuseppe's,Your Guilty Pleasure Is Me

.im a girly girl. i love everything about being a woman. from the hair, nails, things pink, skin shoes, clothes-- interior designing...all that.

for this past year and a half i was seeing an older guy- which really only started out as friendship because of the situation he got himself in and slowly got out of. (not a woman) during this time i was dating other men who pump me up only to bring me down with their "drama filled lives", and not knowing what they wanted from the opposite sex. while seeing this older guy, he made me realize without saying it, what it truly means to be a woman. no he didn't brain wash me. he did help me to open my eyes to the specifics about me. things such as hair, nails and make up. everyone has different views on that subject, but i had to agree to disagree with him.

i have been wearing acrylic nails for as long as i can remember. i feel so completely naked with out that coat of acid over top of my nails. i know it doesnt make your nails stronger, but i just love the way my french tip or nail polish looks on it after everythings all done. yes i wore them super long and a friend of mine always has to be a smart ass and told me that it was unsanitary. i don't do unsanitary things, and i wash my hands and make sure im clean.(asshole). anyways the "old" silent partner was trying to explain to me that "women wear their nails short, those long nails is kid shit" **clears throat** huh? i happen to like my nails long because sometimes i just like to get ghetto girl designs on them.-- but then i thought about it. i am getting up there in age and that is some high school shit. FINE. so i cut my nails down. which did feel good. NOW i have completely taken the acrylic off and i wear my natural nails. i polish them sometimes or they just stay natural.

yes, i have come to the conclusion that i am getting older and i don't enjoy the same things i used to. i have turned into a homebody. which i have no problem with. i'm trying to get myself together as a person.

Now back to this "woman" thing according to this 36 year old.
i honestly cant stand my hair. it curls up when its humid.i have no chemicals in it. it wont hold curls after a while. i have to wash it every three days and its just a big mess. i dont have the time. so it either stays down or it goes into a ponytail.-of course there was a problem with that.

you know, he just started to be a pain in my rear end (after the positive input was absorbed). like when the cartoons by accident sit on a know? im the type of person that if i am really feeling you and you are feeling me, then hey, maybe we should focus on each other and maybe we can become an "item". i'm a real bitch so i told him how i felt. and i dont normally do that because i hate i bet you can guess what the next problem was: "you're too young, you havent lived your life"

Excuse me sir..i have seen and been through more shit than you can possibly know. who are you to tell me what i may be ready for and how much i have lived? i think that's something called judgement.

so heres the rundown: my nails were too long, i do nothing with my hair and i havent lived my life. fine. poof be gone just when i think he's poofed out of my life.. im hangin out with my ex on some friendly shit, and i get a phone call. "So i see you with your boyfriend"

okay stalker. is this the ONLY reason you call me?

time goes on... A FEW DAYS AGO im minding my own business riding down the street and i missed a phone call so i call back "YEA WERE YOU JUST RIDING DOWN 93rd?" i mean seriously guy... you only call me when you see me in the streets? doesnt matter i have a resolution to all of that..i just wont answer hahahahaha. in all honesty i thought by dating someone who was much older would eliminate drama and mostly everything negative. thought i would be able to look to him for some type of SOMETHING!!! but im done with that. you cant play hard to get with a female thats hard to get.

**by the way the nail polish above that i tried and loved is called "blu": hi-definition by sally hansen**


Elle said...

Hello fabulous blogger...FYI. I don't know if you are aware of it but in order for me to read your blog, I have to highlight the text because it is blank.

I think it has something to do witht he color of the text on top of the black background.

I love the blog so it doesn't bother me. I just wanted to inform you in case you didn't know...and for your other readers that might think the page is blank.

bubblegarm said...

hmmm I feel like that about nails but then I go through phases! short nails look great with bright colours!

brook lynne carter. said...

its a pic of you and your boo thang!!! lol damn thats what we call "jay-z blue" or "magic city blue" owww. likes.

Katrina is a Princess said...

I love the blue nails! So pretty! I love bright colors!

That guy is a doucher! Who is he to tell you what he thinks is right and wrong for a woman to do! lol I feel you on the shorter nails feel better thing, they do! Long nails are cute and I love rockin them long but when I cut them im like AHHHHHH YESS!!! hahaha

Older men are drama too lol all men are drama! You know what they say, anything that has wheels or 2 balls will give you trouble! lol LOVE YOU! JJ gives you kisses!