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My New "Body Mark"

The last tattoo's that I got on my wrists, I got scorned by a few people. I was told it's not lady like and a bunch of bull-- that I wouldn't make it in corporate world. HA! Not to say I don't care but there isn't anything some sleeves can't cover. My "guy friend", said not to get anymore or something to that effect but I couldn't pass up this tattoo that I really wanted. I've been saying that the last tattoo that I get will be down my side. That's just what I got and I love it! It took the artist like an hour and a half to draw it up, then an hour and a half to needle it in on my side. It was very painful but I'm a soulja-- I sucked it up and took it like a woMAN. Its far from finished, everyone is telling me to get it colored in and not to leave it black and I'll think about it.


FreeSpirit said...

i like it.
its cool either way whether you COLOR it or not.

Brandon St. Randy said...

I actually think b&w and good shading looks better on ethnic folk, even light ones. You got out lucky with an hour and a half. I have 3/4 arm sleeve and I was in the chair for almost 4 hours just getting the major outline done. I do hear the ribs are the worst. Looks good!

B St. Arrruh

Anonymous said...

It looks nice. BUT I dont know if I would be able to sit that long thru that pain.

Kelly Nina Kiyyah said...

suuuuuuuuper jealous! I have a tat there and im sloooowly working my way to that size! lol! It's a dust particle compared to yours! With out the color looks so much hotter! Nice blog! We're following now! Be back soon!

Kelly of *AF*

Renee said...

It's sexy! I have flowers goin all the way down my back, my inspiration was kelis. So I love this, it's right down my ally!

Anonymous said...

one of the better / more classy tattoes ive seen on a woman/ on a womans back lol...beautiful , i love it