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Product Review

I used to use so many different products for my hair. I normally don't use a ton of oily products because my skin and hair are naturally oily. If I don't wear hair extensions then I usually have to wash my hair like every two days, which is a pain in my behind because my hair is so thick and it takes a very long time to blow dry and use a flat iron. Then once all is said and done it is very fluffy. No Me Gusta. Also, my natural hair color is an ashy, sandy brown and it tends to look dry. So the first product i used is called Proclaim Glossing Polish. It is non-oily and its a color and heat protector.
I used the above product until I discovered the "liquid crack" for hair. Its called Nourishing Coconut Milk by Organix. Its an Anti-Breaking Serum. All you need is a drop the size of a quarter, then blow dry. If your hair is wet then you can go right ahead and flat iron and your hair will be silky smooth. It leaves your hair shiny and healthy looking. It works wonders if you have no chemicals in your hair, like myself!

I like both products, but NOW I'll use the coconut milk over anything. It doesn't weight your hair down and it makes your hair feel good!

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