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Most Expensive Parfum

I love to smell good. I'm not talking about the five for $20 at Victorias Secret either.Yea it smells wonderful, but everyone has it. I like real perfume or shall I say "Parfum"-lol-.. Anyways, its called "No.1". Its the most expensive and it's $2,150 per oz. It's hand-made lead crystal with a .33-carat diamond in the neck. No. 1 is limited by the scarcity of its ingredients, which include ylang ylang specially grown in Madagascar, vanilla, orris, natural gum resin, sandalwood and bergamot.Don't worry because it's for men and women (I'm curious how it smells). Guiness Book of World Records made it official to the creator Clive Christian in London. For more information on this bottle of gold please visit

Other highly priced Parfums

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