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Iyuana VS. TrophyWife

Look at the photo.. Whats the difference? I will explain shortly.

I received a question via . Basically the person said that they know the real me and I'm cute and all but why do I act as if I have an attitude over the net. Now, not to say that anyone really know me and what defines me within. But anyone who has known me two months or better knows for a fact that I have had an attitude problem since forever. Its not anything that I do purposely. I'm just not one for bullshit, and I have a short fuse. If I don't like you, the attitude is 10 times worse. My question to that person is if you know me so well, why would you send that question through the Internet? Anyone who KNOWS ME knows that if they have a question about how I'm acting, you can call me and not HIDE through because your name clearly does not show up. Apparently you don't know me. lol. DUMB ASS. and that is probably the reason I have an attitude. Back to the photo. Whats the difference? The difference is EVERYTHING. IYUANA looks sweet. I am quiet with a very short temper and I have social anxiety. I also care about the people around me but very quick to put someone in their place over something as small as an ant or big as an elephant. I like to sit at home or lay in my bed all day with wine. I'm not hard to please but I am also not easily impressed. Very nonchlant if you will.TROPHYWIFE is just a name I use for GLAMOUR MODELING. I can turn TROPHYWIFE on for the flash and trophywife gets turned right back off when all the heavy make-up and skimpy clothing comes off. Trophywife is more bold and obnoxious and whatever comes up comes out. She is just eye candy. Not your typical "trophy wife". Please remember that Trophy Wife does not define me as a person or how I feel or think. I AM NOT MY JOB. Objections?

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Mic said...

WOW! so sexy! lovely body