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My Weakness...

Yes, You guessed it! a nice Chocolate Man.... What woman do you know that will deny one of these men? They're like chocolate eye candy. Just makes your soul turn inside out and eat chocolate cake! It's just a look that is just unexplainable... I haven't even looked at a lightskin guy in so long, I forget what they even look like. Brownskin men just seem to carry themselves like no other. Sorry lightskin guys, black is back and will never go anywhere. Tell me what YOUR weakness is, it can be anything.


BleuSavoy said...

oh yeah! I LOVE it!

T-Charry said...

IDRIS! That's a SEXY man right weakness?! a tall, slim man with nice teeth and a NICE haircut, and to be SPECIFIC a long, slow kiss with a touch to the face...*weak in the knees*