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Then The Jealousy Kicks In

i dont usually internet blast people. matter of fact, i dont remember when i actually called somebody out by name on the internet. i always send subliminal messages to let the person to stop where they stand or a warning, if you will. so that they know for one i mean business and two it is not a game. i always thought it was disrespect to call someone out over the Internet and cowardly. in this case, i know where the bitch works and i also know where else to find her. i said i was not going to stoop to her level because i am way ahead of her in life. since i know she checks on me via world wide web, i am calling her out. Nicole. yes that is the tramps name. the "woof woof" and i used to be cool. we used to hang out frequently. one day her boyfriend up and moved out. i wondered why, he was screamin and you know yelling and all the shit you do to somebody when they hurt you or your feelings. i asked her what it was about and she told me 'he dont trust me because im a stripper'.
here is the real reason. she called herself fucking the niggas from the strip club and brought something home. trickin if you will. she is the bitch that will fuck for a buck and do somethin strange for a piece of change. after i found that out, i was still cool with her and didnt hold it against her, we are human. we all do silly stupid things right? WELL then the bitch crossed the line. a few nights after i turned down a night of kickin it with her, my ex calls me like 'you wont believe who just tried to push up on me at the strip club' of course her ass didnt pop into my mind until he said NICOLE. i was furious. of course he didnt talk to her because looking at her mouth, you could tell where they held the fireworks for fourth of july at. so i didnt confront her or anything, i just simply cut her off. A WHOLE YEAR & A HALF GOES BY and she stopped at my house. i wasnt home so someone from home calls me and puts her on the phone. she meets my friend Talayah and i up at this place called scorchers. she starts telling me about how her boyfriend was so abusive and how he did some bullshit, and i dunno a bunch of bologna. then she figures out no one cares and says she'll catch up with me later. whatever hoe. so she calls me and calls me sends me texts about how we should start our friendship over she dont strip no more and she goin to school and she work a nursing home.... no bitch im good. i dont need no friends.

ANOTHER YEAR GOES BY... so this afternoon im talking to my ex and hes like 'i ran into ur girl at the strip club lastnight' yes, the same girl--oops excuse me the same THIRTY YEAR OLD that said shes in school and working at a nursing home. RIIIIGGGHHHT.. so he goes on to say that she was sayin how pretty i was and that i need to be working up there. (uuuhhh--anyone who is smart knows you dont make no money at strip clubs in cleveland. sorry boo boo. you broke) *side note*- anyone who is close to me or who i let into my world knows all about SP. SO the bitch continues to spill the beans to my ex telling him ALL about SP and our relationship and how i should just be milking him for his money and all this crazy shit. of course a gutta butt hood rat ass simple minded bitch like her would never know the true meaning of love and having love for somebody and when u care about someone nothing else matters but your love for each other. then tell my ex that i was only using him for money. i just want to know what money did my ex have that i didnt? i get my own money... so thats when the jealousy kicks in. shes mad because i obviously have something she wants. DUUUH YANA! DUH! you just cant kick it with people who are below your stature. thats just like Donald Trump kickin it wit Tae the dope boy or HOV having lunch with your local rapper who doesnt even have a mixtape. DUH YANA-- hang out with people on your level! thats the lesson to everyone! do not hang out with hood rats ladies! you see i had to learn the hard way. or shit just stay to yourself. bitches aint shit...i tell you the truth.

i hope everyone learned something today: dont worry about the people in your past, there is a reason they didnt make it to your future.


Anonymous said...

i can totally feel you on this one. bitches are snakes, simply put. as soon as you turn your back their right behind you trying to stab you in the back or throw dirt on your name. thats why i only fuck w a few. you just cant trust bitches these days.

Jahayra said...

Can so relate. Bitches, and we shall call them bitches bc thats what they are -are insecure that will try to suck you dry! Bitches like this hate on others that are trying to better themselves throw the hate bc we do not stoop to their level! Good for you!

NFASHUN said...

Women are very catty and you have to be careful who you let in your circle even if you have a past with u said it's a reason they didn't make it to ur present and won't be in the future. I strongly believe in hanging with those like yourself or better...u can never make it to the top settling or being around those w/o motivation and goals, esp. if that's what you have....I don't roll with no women not about business...flat out u Yana....and come down to the A and visit...I bet u can make some dough dancing here (FYI)...LOL

NFASHUN said...

Can u follow my blog as well miss thang...also I need you to help me add this fashion me !

Anonymous said...

True, I was naive helped her out when she was pregnant had no money and when I needed her she pulled some crazy shyt like I was helping her cause I wanted her to be poor. Like WTF?? I could have done a million other things. I ended it but she still calls. A couple of months ago for money despite the fact we hadn't been talking, there had been a death in my family she's asking for money? I said no and yesterday she calls for some stupid ish, real stupid ish. Can't bother!