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just so everyone knows, my blog is about things that go through my mind, or things that i find interesting. thats why its MY BLOG. if i touch on some topics that hit too close to home, dont get mad-get in touch with yourself and think about it and how you can change it.
is actually my friends AIM handle. at first i never thought about it. then i thought about it last night.
everyone always talks about "its the inside that counts". in all honesty, thats a lie. when a man approaches a woman or vice versa there is a physical attraction. no matter if its style, demenor, charm, looks, money--whatever the case may be. you have to see a person before you actually know if you want to move on to the next step. i know damn well if a guy is ugly im not bout to holla at him, period point blank. yes im shallow when it comes to looks. on the other hand, if he is not a looker but he has class,style and comes at me correctly then i might give him a chance.(LUST) you get all involved with that person sexually weather its the first night or in two years. you have lust for that person. you are drawn sexually to them. majority of people who are not "relationship dumb" know that when you continue to have sex with someone you gain feelings for them.(LOVE) you may not be in love with them but you have love for them. ((and if you are in love with someone after a few times of sex and no conversation then you need to be checked out [seriously].)) now your nose is all wide open for that person and you just dont know how to tell them you care for them without the person going all nutso... why? because the feeling isn't mutual. (PAIN) men are totally different than women when it comes to brains. SOME men think with their dicks. SOME men just want to hit it and quit it. which is fine.(lol) know your role. women get emotionally attached to "good dick" and not the actual man. and men get so used to "good pussy" that they dont even know what they're doing to the womans emotions. (i know i went in two different directions with this. just be careful who you with)

basically what im trying to say is to avoid the bullshit have a conversation or two in between time to get an understanding of what really going doesnt hurt to communicate.

**ATTENTION** if you get the vibe that the other person isnt really feeling you after sex then you need to leave that situation where it stands and walk away.


Katrina said...

very well put and well said! So true. I try to tell some of my girlsfriends who seem to jump around from guy to guy and dont see the light, but they think I'm being a "hater". Like really?

yours truly said...

the concept of this post makes so much sense. great approach to analyzing that screenname.