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I Am What's Poppington

Recently, the Mervster (@Merv_STJFund ) and I took a great trip to DC. We have been there quite often as a smooth get away. As always, we have tons of fun and try to live every second as if its our last. Believe it or not, it probably will be our last trip there until after the holidays. Sad, yes I know. We have decided to take a break and jump off the "wild out" train. We actually went to a fight party, a birthday party for our friend Hillary, and a little birthday party for Omarion (@1Omarion)at Club Love. It's funny because no one in our party knew Omarion was going to be there. We also ran into Big Tigger and OJ the Juice Man. I was also very happy and pleased to gain a new friend. Her name is Angle and You can check her blog out at . You may also follow her on twitter @AngelEra . So enjoy the pictures below from our weekend get away.


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