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The Answer

Through twitter, I have met a lot of very funny, interesting people. Mainly I use it for networking and keeping up with friends because it seems to be a mass text message system. If you don't have my phone number you can reach me through twitter. I get a lot of interesting questions, some rude--yet innocent. Mostly everyone is respectful. If they aren't i don't care... I have a block button. I have a spam button as well. As does everyone else who owns a twitter page. I'm actually waiting for my 'verified account' button though. Anyhow, those of you who don't know me often ask or simply google me. Those of you who do know me, know that the name "trophy wife" i use for a modeling tag. So this lady sends me a tweet:

ThePrincessDawn @RealTrophyWife I am not trying to offend but looking for an honest answer. Why do you want to be a trophy wife, sounds pretty boring?

Here is the answer:
What gave you the impression that I WANT to be a "trophy wife"? I'm actually not married. The name trophy wife, I have been using several years for my modeling name because of many reasons. I will not get into the many reasons because it is just too much, but, long story short-I believe I am a gorgeous gal and what man would not want me to hang on their arm as arm candy? For a living, no. I do have things that I want to accomplish as an individual before my dash is ended with a year. I have dreams, goals and aspirations. So to answer your question Princess Dawn, i do glamour modeling and that is my "model" name. I could ask you why you want to be a "princess", but i don't really care.



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Jessenia said...

i am sure she is a lame anyways, who would ask something like that. you have the right idea and you know where you are going and thats all that matters. keep doing you! bless that!