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"Smashing" The Homie

Smashing the homie- we all know that little saying came from Ray J's show. You know when Danger slept with his friend BEFORE SHE KNEW RAY J!. Right? Riiiiiigghhhttt. So now there is a new season of Ray J's nonsense and there is a chick who also had sex with one of his friends BEFORE SHE KNEW RAY J. I get it, he was mad that she didn't tell him that she had sex with one of his friends. Let's be real for two seconds. Ray J- do you even really care? Seriously, you know you aren't going to find love on this show. You are doing it for publicity and for the monies-- If there is even any money in it. More importantly, we don't know what goes on when the camera is off and behind closed doors. Some chicks on the show have become friends and you smash them. Is that any different?

My main question is to everyone: If you really are interested in someone, do you really give a damn who they have had sex with in the past even if it was your friend? Truthfully, everyone has different chemistry and you are not meant to be compatible with everyone you date. Hell it could of been that drunken night and then you find out years later that its someone you know is dating. IT WAS ONE NIGHT. I'm not saying its wrong, and I'm not saying its right. I want to know, who gives a rats ass?! Who's to say that your best friends high school sweet heart wont end up being your life long partner? You never know. So is it really that big of a deal?

::sidenote:: if i knew i smashed "the homie" i would back out of that situation...LMAO!! i def wouldn't take any of those dude serious... trust and believe i know what goes on... im just sayin. use your brains ladies and gents!


brook lynne carter. said...

"smashing the homies" is only criminal if you know both of the homies at the same time. you have no control over who you meet and sleep with before you have met someone new. if you want to fault anyone, fault coincidence. the world is too small.

TROPHYWiFE said...

niggas do it all the time weather they know or not.. they dont care. if its the woman- then its wrong...

Mikey McFly™ said...

I agree with Brook on this one... but it gets sticky when ur "homie" knows your interested in a chick and goes behind your back to put his bid in but the past is that past and it shouldn't hinder a future relationship

NightFall914 said...

Brook and McFLy got it on point.

If it was before my time then it what it is. I'd lie if I said I wouldn't be curious just for my own knowledge but If we're building on something I wouldn't let that stop me if everyone is on the up and up.

SheSmashtheHomie said...

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