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Please Get Over Yourself. Quickly.

I follow some really opinionated folks on twitter. Last night while "tweeting" @NaledgeKIDZ brought up a really great point. I don't know how many other people replied to him but, he said I was missing his point. In all actuality I was trying to prove a point as well. The topic just so happened to basically be about interracial couples, and why do black women flip out when a black man dates a white woman but never act a fool about dating Latino, Asians, or mixed race. Hell I don't even know the answer to that question. In all honesty, love/like has no color or race and ignorance is blind to maturity. @NaledgeKIDZ also made the statement "if someone said man you want this ugly broke black chick..or this rich pretty white girl...I'd prolly catch jungle fever" (lmao) Seriously, there are two sides to that. If the ugly black broke girl had money/great credit then there would be no jungle fever. There are black women out here that have great credit and do things on their own (that don't brag about it). BUT those are the ones who have been scared mentally and sometime physically by black men. In all honesty black men do put black women down a lot, but they asses came from a black woman. I think that's why most black women are so hurt and disgusted when men date out side of their race. (I see both sides of this topic and I can comment on both).

I hate to say it but black women, you need to build a bridge and get over yourself. Its annoying how black women can date whom ever they wish or have the hots for whom ever they wish, but as soon as a black man starts to date outside of his race its a problem. Mostly to white women. I understand the history of slavery and how "the white people" did black people wrong. Hell, white people did their own race wrong as well as blacks doing blacks wrong and any other nationality if you really want to know. It is in the past, and as long as you understand the past and we as a people come together to make sure history doesn't repeat itself then I think everything is FINE. (Although some of your mothers won't allow that or would hate that..Live for yourself not your parents-they will still love you) Everyone wants/needs someone who is equal to them mentally--most cases financially. It may even go deeper than that. The sex may be better, the other woman might take his feelings into consideration, ANYTHING!! You have to realize that people are people, and everyone needs love. There is somebody for everybody. You cannot judge a persons personal preference, it's not you. OH MY GOD!!! I just figured out the problem..IT'S NOT YOU! Are you mad because that man that you have your eye on has his eye on a white woman and you're black? #DBM (dont be mad!), it's not cute to be jealous of another woman, no matter her race. I'm sure you can do much better. I honestly don't give a damn about a black man dating a white woman. Men don't care about race either, they just want someone to love them and be submissive and no drama. Trust me. I can't even say I would be upset if I got cheated on for a white woman or any other raced woman for that matter because there is obviously something wrong in the relationship. At the same time I can call the man a coward for not just breaking everything off before the cheating even starts. It'll soon be 2010, take a chill pill and think about all the negative energy you use to be mad a at black man for dating outside of his race. You could be using that energy to at least find SOMEONE who will put up with that bullshit.

*Disclaimer: I know Iwas jumping all around but this is just my opinion and MY blog. You get the point of the topic.*

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Cherise said...

I seen you retweet that. This is @Ms_Rayne by the way...I have a new blog link lol. But anywho being of mixed race myself I don't see the issue in it...My dad has 7 children, two of which are fully black, then other 5 are mixed with white. His reasoning behind dating white women (with the exception of my mom, cuz she's just crazy) was how easy it is to control them and manipulate them.

Now I'm not saying that's right to think but this is coming from a man that has nearly 57 years of experience on this earth.

It is my honest opinion that I can agree to an extent seeing how I was around the last 3 white women my dad dated.

They did what he wanted, didn't argue and were submissive. He liked not having drama and dealing with a weak woman. (not saying all white women are weak, but again this is my experience.)

As far as getting mad about it...I wouldn't be. I'm a product of it myself.