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If You Could, You Would Get Rid Of Me.

Anyone who knows me personally, knows my character. I'm not the shady type because I'm actually sweet as sugar pie and very supportive until you get on my bad side, then I'm the chick you love to hate. They know my personal goals, aspirations and achievements that I wish to accomplish during my "dash". For those of you who don't realize what a "dash" is, it is the time between your birth and your death. If you take a look at an obituary, there is always a dash. You read about what a person has accomplished during their lifetime. Recently my great grandmother that is 91 was told she has three weeks to live. She is not sickly or anything. She is just tired. Everything is giving in and shutting down. I don't know exactly went on during her "dash" but from what I hear she had a great time living. Giving birth to eight children and surviving a heart attack and triple bypass surgery is enough. This situation has really opened my eyes to everything surrounding me. I always knew not to take my life and people for granted and to enjoy every moment that you live. Live your life to the fullest. I honestly don't know what in the hell I would do if I was told I had three weeks to live. It really hasn't hit me like its supposed to that she is slowly passing away. It never takes full effect until I actually see a person laying in a coffin. I don't think anyone knows like I know how it feels to loose someone close to your heart. Maybe a few but not many. I don't let my emotions show and I am a very non-affectionate person, because everyone that gets close always leaves me somehow. So through that, I've grown this skin that is tougher than steel.

My family is/was far from slackers. Weather they were gangsters, number runners, drug dealers/hustlers, lawyers, doctors, or congress people. No one is/was lazy. We all about the money and if you aren't you will not be around for distraction.
Despite all of the negative things that surround me here in Cleveland, I will NOT let these HATERS kill my pride or piss on my parade. It irritates me that people would rather be crabs in a bucket than crabs on the beach. I support everyone that is doing something positive and trying to change either themselves or change something for the better. I know everyone will not like you or take you serious, and you can hate me but why knock my hustle? I will still rise above and beyond of what is expected of me. Life is a challenge and I strive for excellence to conquer it by being all that I can be.


Mista Jaycee said...

Keep doing your thing! Be well. By the way please fill us in. It sounds like you got a few enemies but why? I dig you even though you should visit my blog!

Prelude2aKiss said...

Yo we've grown to be extremely close just in the past few months and i can testify everything you've written here to be true... You tell me the shit i dont wanna hear and you come correct no matter what. Shade isnt in our vocabulary and I luv ya ass for that... People will always talk... but at the end of the day.. you got this mama... so "Let the haters hate.. and we'll watch the money pile up"

-ur Alter Ego

Simply Tiffany said...

Sorry about your great grandmother, I know the feeling. I wish u success in all u do!