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Stephanie Tubbs-Jones Foundation/CBC

Many of you know that I was quite M.I.A for the past week or so. My apologies. I was in D.C helping my heart, Mervyn with the foundation he started for his late mother Stephanie Tubbs-Jones. The even was very sexy and I am proud to say, a success! If you would like to donate please contact:

I was so happy and thrilled because Kelly and Tamina came down to help support the cause and we had a ball. They met Merv and I at Ruth Chris and it was all downhill from there. The three of us are like serious soul mates. You better believe what happens in D.C stays in D.C. LOL!!! Below are photos of our eventful weekend ENJOY!!


JStar said...

I see you were in my hometown :) Yea DC is great, and what is done here, stays here lol...

TaMina said...

Aww you put our pics up thereee! Pow we had such a good weekend- great cause! luh u!