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This may sound rude. Take it how you want but I think that Beyonce would have a lot of competition if Aaliyah was still living (may she rest in peace). It's the truth though. Think about it, She was just getting started when she passed. So many movie roles and other things in the works. Think. I love her music and she was and still is my favorite female artist.

NOW tell me my older sister don't resemble Aaliyah in some way


NightFall914 said...

Nothing rude about that. B and Ciara would have TOTALLY different careers if Aaliyah was still around. Hell Aaliyah was done with the ROC loooooong before b was in the picture too.

T.Marie said...

I absoluty agree with you! It would be different if Aaliyah was still around. She was on her way to the top. Theres no telling what she would have accomplished if her life haden't been cut short.

Anonymous said...

agreed. i think that aaliyah was the best of both worlds, a wonderful voice and she could dance. like dude said above me, about ciara and bey - it would be totally different.

Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

yes she does, i think its the hair or the head tilt

Dante' said...

I completely agree. Aaliyah was in her own lane. Nobody would be able to touch her. may she rest in peace.