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With the New Year approaching in less than 2-3 Days, I've decided to make a few resolutions. In six months, I plan to keep the same resolution as many peoples promises to themselves fade away. I plan to stick to them until the day I die. A few of them are just going to be renewd.
1. Slow down on the alcohol- I tend to drink a little more than I can handle. I start saying things to people that I really dont mean even though drunk minds speak sober words. Oh well.
2.Don't ask anyone for anything- Not that I do now, but it's just the simple fact that my pride is very high and I know that I don't take no for an answer.
3. M.O.E- MONEY OVER EVERYTHING. I'm not doing shit else for free. So don't ask. I don't care what it is--Pay up
4. Learn to talk to people a little bit better- Folks say that I'm rude, have an attitude and all of that. I get it, its not what you say its how you say it. So i'm going to try really hard to be a little bit nicer.
5. Eat a little bit healthier and exercise more- that's self explanitory
**BONUS** I've decided to make all niggas who want any type of dealings with me an option, as should the rest of you respectable females. They do it to us.

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Anonymous said...

Girl...I'm loving M.O.E.!!!

Money Over Everything is 2009!!!!:)