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No Name

I was tempted to call this a "Barbie look". only because I had something similar like this done at the M.A.C counter for a photo shoot when they had the whole "Barbie" anniversary thing going on. Clearly, the colors are a bit darker than what they used. I don't have a name for this though. So we shall call it "No Name".

I started off by using a jumbo white liner on my whole top lid up to the eye brown and then below my bottom lid, just to make the colors pop a little more. I then proceeded to break out my Sedona Lace 120 eye shadow pallet!

*You can click the photo below to enlarge it and follow the numbers to see what order I went in*

1. I applied this to the inner corner and outer corner halfway to the middle and around the bottom. (I have two no.1's because I mixed them)
2. Right in the middle of my top and bottom lid.
3. Lower inner lid and a hint on the top lid
4. This soft pink was applied as the highlight color up to the bottom of my brow.
5. Used my 224SE M.A.C Blending Brush and applied this dark green over the yellow.

....and there you have it! I applied my favorite false lashes, black liner on my water line and liquid liner along my top lash line.. Now you can give it a try!

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