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In Flex We Trust!

Last week I was chosen to be model of the week on Funk Master Flex's blog/website by Monse, Hot 97 on air personality & producer of Angie Martinez Show. I was thrilled and flattered that I could be a part of that. I was told by a great friend that whenever you do an interview, never go back and read the comments because it'll either make your head big or break you down. Needless to say, I looked anyways just to see the feedback. I only wanted to see sheesh, It didn't hurt What I am kind of uneasy about is that people are actually tweeting me saying how I can't spell and all that. What they don't know is that, I had a phone interview. I spell perfectly fine.. I'm human and at times I make mistakes and we all have a few typo's here and there. My interview was quick and to the point! If you missed it feel free to check it out by clicking HERE

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