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Ugly Models

When we think of models, we NORMALLY think of women and men with breath taking looks and bodies out of this world. Now that the runways are banning "too skinny" models and giving "shorter" runway models a chance, now there are "UGLY" models. This agency is based in New York/London and pretty people need not apply. This agency is looking for people with unique features and looks. Not to say that they are actually ugly, but this agency thinks out of the box and they actually use REAL people. Not the ones who are all glammed up. They look for people who are any size, shape, color, and style. You could never be too "ugly" or shall i say unique for this agency. So if you think you can't get a gig with any "Top Notch" agency, go to they will be sure to get you some extra cash for your pockets, and maybe you will become a huge star/icon!

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