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Happy Easter.

Yes today is Easter. We used to celebrate it together as a family, but over the years we've kind of seperated into our own little "clique". Which is fine because my family is like an reality show waiting to be exposed on VH1,MTV, Or E! I think we would probably do best on Bravo.

At this point in my life I feel like I do what I want when I want. Reguardless of what anybody outside of my circle thinks, I do have my head placed on my shoulders correctly and I use my head for way more than a hat rack considering I HATE HATS! The whole point of this is because so many people RUN to church on a specific holiday. No-not me. I don't go to church ever. Reason being, I believe in GOD. I dont feel like I have to run to church every sunday for someone elses approval. As long as I don't worship the devil, I'm not hurting anyone. The Lord knows me and I know him. I understand that church is the Lords house but people in church don't act that same way out of church. They go to church with the same attitude as if it weren't Sunday and like they aren't at church-critisizing people, when they live in glass houses. Every holiday at church is just a fashion show. I don't belong to a church, and before I actually join a Church I want to know ME all the way before I give myself to the LORD spiritually. People just walk into Church knowing NOTHING about life, The Bible, themselves or others. It's the same when you get married or if you're going to be in a commited relationship. Your mind has to be clear and ready to soak up new things. I've always asked my father why he never went to church and he told me "Going to church is like being married and going to a whore house and coming back home to your spouse. God sees everything". I had to think long and hard about it. Makes sense because if you know that you believe in a specific God, you don't have to prove it to the world.

Anyhow, I hope everyone has a great Easter! :)

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Anonymous said...

Ive love this post it speaks nothing but the TRUTH! I feel the same way as you do. As long as Im not worshipping the devil, & I DO believe in God then thats all that matters. The same ppl thats running to church every Sunday or the same ppl that are still living in sin or better yet critizing others. This post makes me think of my boyfriends aunt. She claims to be so involved in church etc etc etc. & know she's the same person walking around about to give birth to a guy that she's only know maybe a yr & their not even married.