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Disgusting House

I always get stuck watching clean house with Niecy Nash. I love the show and her smart ass mouth talking to the disgusting home owners. My thing is: how in the hell do you just let a sometimes beautiful home look like you live with Oscar The Grouch? Most of these houses I'm pretty sure Oscar would pack up his shit and go. Like today, I tuned in to this couple who had been together for ten years, two beautiful children--but the inside of their house looked like a WORLD DUMP! How do you sit in clutter, dirt, and grime with kids? I mean their whole stove was coverd in shit and the killer part about it was the husband didn't even care, he would just move the shit from one side of the stove to the other and start cooking. Yeah? cuz that's somethin like NASTY! Now, I am a pack rat, but I don't let things get out of control like that. Eventually I come home from pack rat island about once a month and just start throwing shit away. It just gets annoying and when things look too clutterd to me the room just starts spinning and I just go on a throw-away spree! I'm no neat freak but I hate for shit to just lay around for too long. What do these people on this show think about? Obviously NOTHING otherwise their houses wouldn't look like trash cans! Niecy be dawgin the hell outta them people and sometimes they start crying. Dude! just clean up and you wouldn't be in this position!


Anonymous said...

girl yes i always watch clean house...i think i've seen every episode! the people on those shows be having issues LOL. it takes an extreme level of laziness to let ur house get like that! and could u imagine the smells flowing through those houses??? ewwww!

Anonymous said...

i hear what your saying; it's like how do you sit by and watch it pile up and your house turn from a palace to a junk yard; so unhealthy and with kids too shit wtf could they be picking up off the floor or carrying around with them ughh..why would u even bother cooking or bathing living in such filth.