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A LOT of people are on my shit list at this moment.
It's sad but it's oh so true.
I am smart about it though.
As of March 2, 2009--I have been conditioning myself to ignore ignorance.
I have learned that when you are nice to people it kills them inside. I no longer yell and shout I just simply speak in a indoor voice so that I am not misunderstood.
That sounds really great huh?--We shall see how long this lasts. I will keep you posted.



TheRadioFlyer said...

I do that with my girlfriend to this day. Shes a yeller, like i assume most women are (most i've been with anyway)lol. So just put on the "cold as ice" voice, that makes folks so much more pissy bc they not only lose their justification for yelling in the first damn place but it makes them even angrier that they can't piss you off.

Joi said...

that's very BIG of you, i'm workin on this....

its hard because so many ppl will try you just to see how mad you will actually get