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Yeeaa about that...

I haven't been blogging much lately. Thought that if I came back I should come back with a bang. Then I came to reality, what could I possibly write about? So there's nothing. lol. But I am sitting here watching the re-run on Daddy's Girls. The episode where Vanessa is Jealous of Angela and T.K. So instead of Angela going to ladies night by herself, she brings T.K with her. LMAO. how jealous was Vanessa. She makes me sick sometimes. Annoying if you will. Anyhow, saw the episode of Candy Girls. Pretty interesting might I add.

Enough about the reality shows and on to Most of you receive my twitter updates and if you don't then they pop up on my face book. If you don't have either one of those then feel free to follow me on twitter. Well I was rambling on how I am deciding to be a vegan. Okay so eating meat has totally grossed me out. and eggs are gross as well. (well before they are cooked). So I'm giving up ALL meat. Eating fish and chicken is included in that. No animals will be living in my stomach. Completely fruits and veggies. Oh yea, no more milk for me either. I mean i never really drank it. I use it for my Captain Crunch Berries. Milk is gross and I remembered the gross facts about milk like even after they pasteurize it, there's still some percentage of puss and blood in it. YUCK. which means I'm gonna have to ask the nice folks who know me by name at Starbucks to use soy milk instead. I dunno if they can do that though. anyways, if you have any tips for me please feel free to share them with me as this road to eating better to maintain my youth will be difficult. Sweets?-oh yeah, about that. I've decided just to cut back. I can't completely get rid of chocolate on chocolate cake, oatmeal cream pies, and all that stuff. so like i said. I appreciate all tips. Thanks Babes!


Mista Jaycee said...

Good luck with the Vegan diet. Ease yourself off all the bad stuff. Cold tofuerky a Bitch!

mz_green_eyez said...'s funny what you said about milk! I'm the same exact way! The only way I drink milk is when I use it in my Cap'n Crunch too! Even when I do that, I still leave a 1/2 bowl of milk left that just gets poured down the drain. Haha...thought I was the only one. To me, milk is just way too thick & it smells. Just thinking about the smell of it makes me wanna gag. Yuk. Good luck on the whole vegan thing tho. It's definitely a good choice for you to make. It's a whole hell of a lot healthier than all of that processed & steroid-injected meat they try to feed us now-a-days. It may be difficult to adjust to at first, but I'm sure you can do it. Just stay focused & motivated. Keep me updated on your progress 'cuz if it works out for you, then I might just have to try it my damn self. Best of luck to ya girl!!!


TROPHYWiFE said...

yea. milk is sooo gross. its puss and blood. omg-how nasty huh. then the grocery stores dont even sell FRESH fish. The fish department- you should never be able to smell that strong smell. Fish has a very distinctive smell but its not supposed to stink. and lets not get started on the chicken and they dyes on the red meat to make it look fresh.

NINA said...




Katrina said...

I agree, milk is sick!! blahhh. Jerrid drinks like 400 gallons of milk a day. I dont know how he does it but I dont let him kiss me right after he drinks it. YUCK! lol

Anonymous said...

I have been thinking about something similar. Not being totally vegan but just cutting out meat, milk, and eggs but leaving fish and shell fish. Good luck doll. I will keep an eye on your twitter to see how it goes.