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YAY MY 200th POST!!!

So since this is my 200th I HAD to ask my followers on twitter a simple little question..


MissLolaFoxx these QUEENS, 'Real' & 'Chance'. #yourenotfoolinganyone - is 'Real' rocking a remy sew in? -_- I cant..
MercedesMarie they're clowns. total and complete, CLOWNS
beanz4life 2 clowns who don't deserve the camera time they get.
CaRamErikaL Real looks like Scar from Lion King....
Ms_Rayne they're whack. the end.
fashionmusicluv I think they should be on TV bc they are quite lame. Who wears arm stockings (REAL)
I actually think that Real is kinda cute --if he didnt do the silly shit he does...lmao-they do look kinda "ify" hahaha


Bombchell said...

i just think wow that boy's hair is too long.

i thought he and cornfed would last

Jaimie said...

lol! I loveeee Real's hair, me n my mom are like that man's hair is too pretty!

Mista Jaycee said...

They disgust me on too many levels. They are crass and ignorant (they may be actors but have some Pride for your People) The so called "Real" is wearing his hair (real or fake) like some chick, Both dress like clowns but even worse Real rode on some Woman's back and asked have you ever rode a DONK? You Mutha******!
You know they called us animals! And you ride a Woman like a Horse!
I hate the show! Can you tell?

TROPHYWiFE said...

yes i can tell u hate it with a passion