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AID's Awareness

A few years ago, I got this YOUTUBE video in my email from my cousin. As I watched this man, who was covered in a hat/du rag/skully and bandanna tied around his nose and mouth, I wanted to throw up. Not only did he look stupid and horrid, but he also lived in a hole in the wall, like a little sewer rat. He claimed to have had sex unprotected with a ridiculous amount of women but he also admitted to be HIV positive and he also had a list of names. After he said one girls name, he stated her age, he continued to say "she was a hoe anyway". Another he said "She was only eighteen, it was her first time". Watching the whole video made me sick to my stomach and made my mother burst into tears. I honestly could not believe my eyes and ears. He goes by the name "Trash man". He further explained that since he had a nice car, a certain amount of money, wore a diamond chain and was handsome that women go after him in the club or anywhere. He the stated that he can ride through the "hood" in his nice car with rims and pick up any "hood rat" basically because they aren't used to that and they are willing to have sex for peanuts.

I watched it over again, just because I have to analyze everything. The first time I watched I really didn't pay attention but the second time around I listened to his words with understanding. He made a valid point. A lot of women go after glitz and glam. The guy doesn't have to be famous or anything but a lot of women are materialistic, if the guy has a nice car, a nice house, pulls out a wad of money or even got on a fresh pair of expensive shoes, then they are all over him. They don't care if the guy is corny or full of shit, they will still give up the goods on THEE very first night in hopes of something in return. To each its own but--to go as far as "unprotected" sex on the very first time you meet someone EVER is absolutely ridiculous.

Anyhow, I continued to read the comments under the video. One YouTube-er stated "he's talking about NuShawn Williams. This guy is fake. I helped NuShawn with homework in school".--So "Trashman" is a fake? Yes, the idiot is. He has all these videos (well used to) on YouTube. One claiming to have been paid five hundred thousand dollars by Jim Jones to kill New York rapper Stack Bundles. Another, fishing feces out of a toilet claiming to make "doo doo stew" for a playboy model he invited over for dinner and the one video he got arrested for, for saying that he laced Gerber baby food with poison. (see it HERE) Come to find out he is 42 year old Anton Dunn from Manhattan, New York.

::sidenote:: The AID's video he posted is great for AID's awareness. He even says, that the girls were easy and that he is teaching a lesson ::not kidding:: see it HERE

So I googled "NuShawn Williams" and found the whole story on this man. He apparently had moved to a small city in New Jersey and was "the man" because he was new. He slept with numerous women and infected 13 women in Chautauqua County,New York with HIV. He claims he didn't know he had the disease but continued to spread it to a few high school girls who got tested and apparently his name was coming up from all of them. One girl got pregnant and had to take medication during her pregnancy to eliminate her child from having the disease.

In 1999, he pleaded guilty to two counts of statutory rape and one count of reckless endangerment in the first degree for having unprotected sex with a woman who did not know his HIV status. He received a 4-to-12 year sentence. To this day, he states he was unaware of his diagnosis and is very remorseful for the burdens and pains he caused.

He is set to be released sometime this month because his sentence has been served.

How do you feel about his release? How do you think he will conduct himself?

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