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Over the past few years, I have indulged myself into "Face Book". I have had my fair share with it and other social networking sites that have slowly withered away (Myspace, for example). At one point in time when I was doing the whole "glamour model" thing. It was very beneficial, seeing as everyone had a Myspace down to your favorite actress, singer/songwriter, rapper/singer. That's where they did most of their castings for magazines and such. Face book was around but only for "students" which was fine because they slowly opened their door for ANYBODY to have a page. So now ANYBODY can have a Face Book page.

To set the record straight, I used my face book to the MAX. There started to become waaay too many people on my friends list that I did not know, minding the little bit of business I put up. Yes, I did accept them into my world, which was my fault. So I left that page for my "fan" page for my "glamour modeling" which that was the only reason people would request me in the first place. I closed the page down for a few months and started a page for myself. A more private page for my family and friends that I don't see or talk to everyday. No one wants to sit on the phone for hours, people are busy and have LIVES. So what better way to connect with photos and updates for them? You can just connect with them all at the same time! Perfect. At first. Now it's not so perfect and I feel like what you put out into this fake world you start to get it back. Family is the hardest to please and the most critical because either they want you to be one way or no way. You cannot express yourself with out their harsh criticism. Correct? Then there are the ones that are upset that you don't want to add them on your page.. To me, it's really not that big of a deal. IT'S FACE BOOK. People get lost in these virtual worlds and forget about real life. If you see me or talk to me every SINGLE day I don't see a reason for us to be friends on Face Book. You already know what's going on with me, what I'm doing, how I feel, and where I'm going... True? Yes, very true.

In conclusion, I would like to welcome everyone to my blog, you may also find me on Twitter if you didn't know about it already. You can even email me at If you don't have my phone number then we aren't that close to begin with. Yes, I am going back to the old times. I'm going to pretend as if Face Book never existed. It's not making or breaking me, and you shouldn't depend on it as your guide to the world either.

Peace & Blessings,

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