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My Thoughts...

This morning my cousin bought this song to my attention. Well, I've heard the song a billion times but never really paid attention to the lyrics. The very first line of the song just made me burst into tears. OUT OF NOWHERE.

Over the past few years I think I've become more mature and my outlook on life is completely different. With that, I've become very emotional about the smallest things. Even if things are just beautiful, my eyes start to water. I've learned to walk away from certain situations and like I say a million times, I have no problem with telling someone to go directly to hell. I have no time for drama and bullshit. It's really beyond me. I can get really ugly if need be but I TRY to avoid that.

Sometimes, life gets so hard that I just want to hide under a rock or vanish. I know everyone comes to a point where they want to know "I'm doing all of this, for what?" Right?

Anyhow, this song just made me think about a ton of things. Especially these past few days with two people passing away. I've never thought about Life this hard, IN MY LIFE! People don't realize how precious it really is because they are too busy doing other things. It's okay to stop and relax and spend at least a day with the ones you love. You can't get memories back, you can only cherish them once you're in the moment or once it has passed. Just take the time out to listen to the song I posted.

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