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There are a lot of haters out here in the world. My definition of a HATER is someone who points out all of your flaws and basically has something negative to say about everything that you do no matter how well you're doing. Hating is NOT your opinion..I want you all to take notes, because it seems that OPINIONS and HATE get mixed up in the everyday world. Now in the dictionary an OPINION is stated as: a personal view, attitude, or appraisal. HATERhad two definitions that stood out: 1)to feel intense dislike, or extreme aversion or hostility. 2)An enemy to God, and a hater of all good. So, don't use your opinion and being a hater mixed in together and think its okay, use one. I know I have plenty of haters but I don't care I love them!! It's so cool to me to hear what someone else made up about me or to see what they will say next. I FUCKING LOVE IT!!! Now tell me, what is YOUR definition of a hater? I know there is a lot.

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Anonymous said...

My definition of a hater would be someone that is consistently putting down another person. A hater to me would also be someone that focuses only on negative things about ppl, they NEVER try to see good in anyone.