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Being away from the internet was a break well needed. I only had cell phones to work with to update my life on Twitter and to accept selected people on facebook. By the way, most of you will be getting deleted from facebook because it's too many people who like to build drama around what I post. It really is annoying and I'm actually tired of the childish remarks and silly antics. Anyhow, everynight in DC was fun and everynight Merv got me blasted. We were there to work but made it pleasurable lol. There wasn't one second that went by with out alcohol. We ate too much and I gained about 10lbs on top of the weight I already need to loose. Its all good though because today I only had a salad and water. I will not play myself. The shopping in DC was excellent. I am a very picky shopper so I didnt pick up much. The first night I was there I met Dariel Pulliam. You know Neffies stylist/bestfriend from Keyshia Cole the way it is. Be sure to watch Neffie and Frankie. He's so super sweet and beautiful. Check him out HERE .

Anyways, I had such a blast that I'm going back in two weeks (hopefully) but until then, enjoy the photo i found of myself when I was much smaller back in DECEMBER!!! god i need to push away from the table.


bubblegarm said...

ok so I guess I am a shit talker :)
ANYHOW! Dark hair really suits u!

Mista Jaycee said...

I dig it and stay away from the sodas that will help get some of the weight off!