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People take the word love and just toss it around. While they are doing that, I bet that they don't even know what love means. Truthfully, love is giving never taking. Love consists of three key things: 1.Emotions;how we feel about each other 2.Ethics;how good or bad we are for each other and 3.Joys;how much we satisfy or dissatisfy each other. These three factors determine the quality of a relationship. If you are looking for love, would you recognize it if you found it? Can you tell the difference between love and infatuation? Between love and attraction? Between love and sexual desire? Between love and friendship? Between sex and intimacy? Between a good relationship and one that is only pleasurable? I will break it down for you if you haven't. If you are looking for love you will never find it. It has to come to you. You don't fall into love you grow into it. When you are infatuated with someone you don't love them you love things about them, because you really don't know them. When you are attracted to someone that means you like the way they look, smell, act etc and want to further the relationship or try to find out more about them. Sexual desire is something you want to do with that person behind close doors. In order to love someone you have to be their friend first and grow to love their friendship qualities. Intimacy goes way beyond the physical. Being intimate with someone is letting them get inside your mental and letting your guard down (vice versa) and letting them make love to your mind, body and soul. Last but not least, a pleasurable relationship I believe is better than a "good" relationship because this means that the other person has your full undivided attention and the relationship is at its highest level. For those who beg to differ please feel free to comment.


Shattastar said...

This is 100. I remember writing a piece very similar to this last year on facebook. I also got sick of the word LOVE being tossed with lost meaning. People dont value parameters and loyalty anymore. Theres a difference between loving someone and really liking that person a lot...for the wrong reasons. most people confuse love with impulse. I already knew you was a alien like me Iyuana. you one of the rare few who actually gets it. lol

Mista Jaycee said...

Love is also accepting and forgiving the faults! I have so many it's a wonder I'm loved at all. Wink!

Anonymous said...

I was going try to do some friendly disagreeing but you a 100%right in my eyes,and I like how you broke it down 'cause I was a lil stumped on the questions might make a good "trophy wife" but after reading this you going make some lucky body a "real" good wife.