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soo yea

i don't care if anyone belives this but i cant remember if i blogged about this before... as i know i am not the only person in this world who can see or feel paranormal. i dont know why it happens to me but i know that when souls linger around they are usually not at rest, and they need an answer to everything so that they can be at rest. also, i have premonitions about things. im not saying im a psychic but it just seems that when i say something or think about something it happens. its very weird and i have had many encounters with it. at this point im not even scared anymore, i just deal with it. its not something that i can control because im not being harmed. i guess i kinda just ignore it. i dunno crazy...


Anonymous said...

I've had a situation like that. One night I was sleeping and I felt the other side of my bed turn back..and then someone's breath in my face..and I was sleeping on my tummy..and they tapped the back of my leg. I had a roomate - and she was knocked out I knew it wasn't her..and it continued for about 4 days..and the next week my Papa (Grandfather) passed was really scary. I believe anything is possible after that. Because I wasn't drunk, had done nothing to make me hallucinate and I KNOW that it was something or someone, in order to get me up out of my sleep. I sleep HARD. Nothing wakes me. :o/

Katrina is a Princess said...

Ignore it?? Girl, work with that! Thats a gift! I totally know what you mean about that...sometimes I have such a strong feeling about something and BOOM it happens..and its sooo strange!

P.S. - I love your new header look fabulous!