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lol. Okay.. So who doesn't have drama in their life? I deal with haters all day everyday. Someone needs to start paying me for cussin these bitches out. Maybe they should make it like a major and call it "Haterology" or somethin.. Teaches you how NOT to be a hater and how to deal with those low-life suckas who simply have a bit of jealousy. Of course they claim they aren't jealous, they are envious of what you've accomplished or all of the attention you get that they will never have. In my opionion, no one is better than the next, and only GOD can judge. So don't let these people get you all out your hook-up. I know, Sometimes you gotta put people on blast because they deserve it.

My beautiful friend Tay goes through it just as much as I do. She simply gives these hoes a "bitch please" award. This is her recent post---> When Being An Internet Gangsta Goes Wrong

It's so sad how you have to PERSONALLY address the haters.
So make sure you visit/follow Tay's blog too--> THE PINK SUGAR

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