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Tip Of The Day: MYODB

MYODB=Mind Your Own Damn Business

It is very important that people just follow this simple life long rule. When you mind your own damn business, there is less drama and life is way more comfortable! When you mind other peoples business it results in you getting cursed out, gettting slapped, punched kicked or spit on. I am a faithful believer in spitting on people when they get out of pocket. It's nasty but sometimes you just can't put your hands on people.


Toya said...

LOL I totally agree with what u said 100%. I know more then a couple people who need's to mind their own damn business.

TROPHYWiFE said...

Right. I mean in actual real life people always try to dip in other peoples business but then their business isnt all the way together. i'm sorry but i mind my business. at arms length people dont talk shit. u get what im sayin? they always do it over an email or a assholes.. i dont address the conditioning myself to ignore ignorance. it may not be lady like to fight or spit on people but who is that person to judge my life and the way i live it? obviously not GOD.