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I've heard of this book but wasn't sure when it was published. I heard all of the talk on radio shows and everything but now I figured out what its called and I am so happy to say that I can go to the bookstore and buy my own copy. From what I understand, the author describes these "hip hop Moguls" but keeps their names discreet by making up new names for them.
Can you guess who these industry men are? Leave your comments
“Malcolm” A record mogul who has diversified his success in music, business, clothing, and politics and who always has a stunning woman on his arm, had his boy toy in VIP with him (at an industry party)

“Gus”An R&B singer/songwriter who had written major hits for artists including En Vogue, SWV and Changing Faces. His clear skin, dark eyes, bushy eyebrows and short wavy hair….he was just too pretty. He eventually became a “gangster styled” artist.

“Craig”Top rapper who was a part of a successful rap group that changed the dynamics of hip-hop with their philosophical rhymes over hard-core beats. Craig garnered attention because of his rugged good looks that made him a standout in the group.

“Drake”He was a member of one of the most popular R&B groups. They had several number one Billboard hits, and the young girls loved him because the adorable, sexy front singer, Drake had a flamboyant stage presence. He was very eccentric in his style, defying more conventional looks in his appearance. Drake didn’t hold back when he performed either…showing his muscular frame. [He] branched out on his own as a solo artist and had a huge hit single which led to a few acing roles in major motion pictures.

“Eli”A popular multi platinum rapper who started his own label. Eli was a forced to be reckoned with. He flew out the gate with his debut album and would become a mainstay in the ever-changing Hip Hop industry. He has been hailed as one of the greatest rappers to bless the mic.

“Quinn”He had a velvet melodic voice and broke out with a sensual single in the late 90’s. His self-titled debut album produced two top Billboard hits.

“Galvin”Once a part of a legendary R&B group who had experienced a brief stint as a successful solo artist, was allegedly linked romantically to an A-list male actor.



Anonymous said...


Gus: I'm stumped. He mentions Gus was "brooklyn born" which means it couldn't possibly be Ginuwine because he was born in Maryland.

Quinn: Johnny Gill or Ginuwine. The book says that Quinn had a self-titled debut album and eventually got married to dispel gay rumors- both Johnny Gill and Ginuwine fit the description.

Drake: Undoubtedly Sisqo. The book's description fits him exactly.

Wallace: Tracy Morgan. The book mentions a chubby fellow who was featured with an all-star cast on a network television improvisational show, which launched the careers of many comedic actors.

Eli: LLCoolJ. If you read the book you'll totally agree. The book mentions this superstar rapper starting his own label (he did, although it failed), being on TV (sitcom "In The House"), Movies ("Out of Sync" and "Deep Blue Sea"), Clothing line (FUBU).. When you read the description, and you consider the time period Terrance Dean was writing in, it's 100% LL.

Lucas: Undoubtedly Will Smith. Can't be anyone else. He's the only black male "Megastar" and "Hollywood Golden Boy" during the late 90's.

Clay: Shemar Moore. The book mentions this man having a nose job, doing a lot of modeling, and being a regular on day time soap operas. Thats him alright..

Jazz: NOT BILL COSBY sorry folks. The book mentions Jazz had women swooning over his sexy masculine appeal. The man also did some modeling and and eventually landed a role as a "compassionate bad ass on a hit network television drama series."

Craig: Q-Tip from Tribe Called Quest... Yes, I'm sure. The description fits him perfectly.

Thats all i got so far.

MssThang said...

WOW I guessed the Drake was Sisqo too! The rest I am like *blank stare* but def food for thought. Nightmare is not even the word for this down low shit! BE gay but shit -admit to it!!!
To me it's not the homosexuality that's the problem it's the lying. Lying is always wrong especially when it comes to sex!

Anonymous said...

You don't think Craig could be Method Man?

Malcolm is definitely Puff.

TROPHYWiFE said...

I agree with the first person who responded, whome ever you might be.. I need to get my hands on the book for real.

Rai said...

Drake sounds like Sisqo to me.

Malcom is probably Russell Simmons.

Some of these have me completely lost. LMAO!

I mean at the end of the day it doesn't or it shouldn't matter if someone is gay or not.

AnnaBanna said...

i def agree with drake being sisqo.
galvin sounds like johnny gill.
for some reason i thought of r.kelly as gus? maybe bc i remember the songs he did with changing faces.
malcolm is def puff.

i gotta get this book ASAP!