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Being Genuine

I'm sure we all want to know the answer to the question I am about to present.

When you have feelings for someone who is always being hounded and all that craziness of the opposite sex, how do you prove to them that you are the most genuine out of them all, knowing that you can't MAKE someone love you or make them understand how you feel?

That is a tough question, and most importantly a tough action to take. My answer is and/or opinion is: Sometimes that person 'just knows' or they have a instant connection. Otherwise, you have to give the person time to get to know your feelings and who you are as a person although you cannot force yourself onto someone. You actually have to be real with the man/woman like "i am and always will be here no matter what", or simply KEEP IT 100% real at all times. Remember that one small lie or fib can lead to disaster. The person will lose trust instantly. Its not about how long you've known someone or how much you know about that person. Its about chemistry and connection, but like I said you have to let them get inside your mental as well. Also it is not WHAT you say, it's HOW you say it. For the most part if you want that person to take you serious you cannot just jump right into bed with them. [In some cases that type of thing leads to something serious but not all the time don't take that and run.] Am I right or wrong? Tell me your opinion.

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Unbreakable said...

I think your so on point with this post, honesty definitely leads to trust.