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Past, Present, Future by: Iyuana-Nichole

This poem woke me up in the middle of the night and I'm surprised that I remembered it to write it out. This I introduce to you is 'Past, Present,Future'. It actually is something that is real life for not just me but I'm pretty sure a few people feel this way about someone who they genuinely care for no matter what happens, no matter their attitude, occupation or how they feel about you. That person just keeps holding you at a distance and is not trying to hear you out because of your past with them or your past in general. Or because they aren't ready to grow with you. I think that its selfish on that persons behalf. But read it and enjoy.

Past, Present, Future
Can't get away from the past
When its in my present
What do I do?
Besides put it in a frame as the future
Can't get away from the present
When it is the present
Stuck in the middle
Of what we want it to be
For the future.
Can't forget about the past
It IS the future
Locked in a frame
For everyone to see.
You see
Everyone remembers the past
Not what you are destin to be
There is no positive
If you can't look beyond.
Thats why there is no future
For you and me.
*thought out and written by Iyuana-Nichole*


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